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Full range of construction and maintenance services under one roof

Full range of construction and maintenance services under one roof

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We adhere to the principle of providing objective, reliable and consistent information about our activities and strive to maximise the level of information transparency.

2Q 2021 Operating Results

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Annual Reports

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all our shareholders and investors for their ongoing support and understanding concerning Etalon’s business activities

Key Figures

We have been delivering sustainable growth across key performance metrics for more than 30 years.

With over 15 years of experience at Etalon Group, I am confident in the promise that the future holds for our company

Effective long-term strategy

Etalon Group’s strategic consistency in the eight years following its IPO delivered excellent results: we more than tripled new contract sales, from RUB 14.1 billion in 2010 to RUB 79.9 billion in 2020


Long-term focus on replenishing the land bank, supported by the acquisition of non-zoned land plots and extensive experience in zoning procedures, as well as entering new regions

Key expected results : increase in portfolio size to over 6 million sqm, a balanced structure of land assets and long-term growth in sales


Design based on modern principles and urban planning standards , offering in-demand housing formats and surroundings

Key expected results : improved product quality, highly transparent processes, reduction of the time frame from site search to the start of construction by up to six months


Speed and cost leadership thanks to product standardisation across the entire range and as a result of leadership in new building technologies

Key expected results : gross profit margin of 35%, a more than twofold increase in construction volumes with constant overhead costs


Extending the life cycle of interaction with clients based on an understanding of client expectations from the purchase of a new project through habitation and the use of services

Key expected results : sustained double-digit sales growth with the industry’s highest NPS and CLV scores, and reduction of marketing costs by up to 20%


Easily scalable customer-centric business model supported by an end-to-end digital transformation focused on continuous improvement of the product and related customer experience

Key expected result : The new management system will be based on a unique digital architecture that will enable end-to-end data transmission at all stages of the value chain.


Leadership through partnership , cost reduction and the creation of a best-in-class housing platform

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